Ponderings from the Porch

I’ve always loved words. For most of my life I’ve used them to make witty quips or toss out sarcastic zingers to friends and family. As a kid, I wanted to grow up and make funny TV commercials and actually ended up with a college degree in Advertising Copywriting. Yep, that’s really a thing.

I went on to work in radio where I became a pro at communicating vital info to our listeners (like where to find me to score FREE Texas Rangers tickets and a Chick-fil-a sandwich!) in a mere 30-second, LIVE call-in from a station remote van.

Years later, I launched CouponCrazyMommy.com (which eventually became ModMomTV.com) where I’d spend hours every day click clacking on a keyboard sharing the hottest deals and “lifestyle” posts.

But it wasn’t until my husband died, when I began to use the written word to tap into my soul.

It was then, in those quiet, middle-of-the-night moments, when the waves of grief were slapping me around that I was able to use words to release all my pent up feelings and emotions.

Below is a collection of some of those words. Most of these thoughts were shared in Facebook posts made visible only to my friends and family. It was a safe place where I journeyed through my grief, and also gave people a real, raw and transparent glimpse into what it feels and looks like to travel along a road you never would’ve chosen, while also maintaining a faith that it was all part of a bigger plan.

I hope you’ll find these posts helpful if you’re on your own grief journey or know someone who is.

~ Natalie

“I Lost My Husband”

“I Lost My Husband”

Posted to Facebook April 6, 2019 (8 months after Wayne died) Random Grief Moment: I was at a long funeral service yesterday. Afterwards, all the women rushed for the bathroom. I noticed a woman...

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