I shared this on Facebook during Heart Health month six months after Wayne died. It’s the story of an encounter I had during that trip the boys and I took to New York. Hopefully it’ll encourage you to add ONE supplement to your daily intake of vitamins. If my husband had known about it, he might possibly still be alive today.

“On December 26th, I went with my friend to a Boxing Day party hosted by one of the parents from her son’s school. It was a gathering of a bunch of random New Yorkers I’d never met and would probably never see again. I started chatting with Chris, an Australian living in Brooklyn who was preparing to move to Cape Cod the next week. And as it goes with typical, chit-chat party conversations, I asked him what he did for a living. He told me he’s a nutritional scientist working for the Norwegian company, NattoPharma, which developed the supplement MenaQ7® Vitamin K2®? “Ummm…what the heck is that?” I asked. Well, I learned it works to inhibit calcium from depositing where it’s hazardous (i.e. the arteries) and redirects calcium into the bones. (Watch video in comments for more info.)

Really? Seriously??? I meet a complete stranger a few months after my husband dies of a heart attack due to arteriosclerosis, and he just happens to work for the global leader of a supplement designed to prevent heart attacks! What are the odds? And more importantly — why didn’t my husband’s doctor tell him about this simple, effective vitamin supplement?!? 😕😡😩

Of course there’s no use in asking, “why” and I’m refusing to dwell on the “what if’s” — instead, I’m looking ahead. Since my boys have a family history and genetic predisposition to heart disease by having FOUR family members (their father, great-grandmother, great-uncle, great-great grandfather who all died of heart attacks in their 40s) you better believe this supplement is going to be a part of their daily routine.

Also (just an FYI), children have the greatest need for Vitamin K2 because their bones develop quickly and intensively. There’s an increased risk of fractures if kids have a low intake of Vitamin K2.

Amazon has lots of different K2 supplements with MenaQ7. They even have chewable options for kids:

This month, as you’re bombarded with red dresses and celebrity heart health messages and endorsements, consider adding K2 to your diet AND get a coronary calcium scan to actually see what’s going on INSIDE your arteries.

**** Be sure to read my previous post and see how a simple test saved our friend from a potential catastrophic event: https://tinyurl.com/y4sbnf6a

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