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This invitation is a specific request for your help with Honey Dudes. You can sign up to serve just once OR any time there’s an opportunity—whatever your schedule allows!

Widows are thrust into managing their homes all by themselves. The household projects their husbands could’ve tackled, now sit on a growing “honey-do” list. That’s where the Honey Dudes come in!

On designated dates, we’ll swoop into a widow’s home to knock out some of those daunting tasks. From repairing drywall, to mulching, to moving storage boxes, to repairing furniture, to electrical & plumbing, to organizing garages, to simply inflating bike tires for her kids—you name it—we’ll try to tackle it!


We need YOU to join the Honey Dudes!

By accepting this invitation, you are simply saying this:

  • You want to serve widows and their kids.
  • You are acknowledging that you need not be a master of all things construction.
  • If a specific project works with your schedule, you’ll sign up and show up.


Sign up using the form below!

We will email you current serving opportunities after you sign up. Please add to your approved list of contacts (our emails often end up in spam folders).  Thank you for your willingness to serve!

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