Grief Getaway Gift Registry

Contributing to the Gift Registry

All of the items listed below are specific activities or gifts that your friend has indicated that they would enjoy during their stay at Broken Halos Haven. To donate any of the items below, simply add one or more to your cart and click the “checkout” button at the bottom. Any duplicate items that are donated will be credited towards a cumulative donation amount that your friend can apply to other activities during their stay with us.

Jessica's Wishlist

Jessica Carranza

The kids and I would love your support as we venture out on our next step in navigating life without Tony. We were blessed with this amazing opportunity to travel and visit a new state to learn independence, not only as a widowed single mom but as a little family now. Though we've been doing this for a year now, we've had lots of help. We are ready to turn the page and start moving forward in our journey. Every little bit helps us along our way. We love you!

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