Grief Getaway Gift Registry

Contributing to the Gift Registry

All of the items listed below are specific activities or gifts that your friend has indicated that they would enjoy during their stay at Broken Halos Haven. To donate any of the items below, simply add one or more to your cart and click the “checkout” button at the bottom. Any duplicate items that are donated will be credited towards a cumulative donation amount that your friend can apply to other activities during their stay with us.

This gift registry is fulfilled.

Albaugh Ultimate YES weekend

Gwen Albaugh

Event date: January 27, 2024

Over the last few months, Gwen and the kids have been adjusting to their new normal. Gwen is hoping to use this weekend as a time to really pour more into the kids and make many core memories. Any gift would be greatly appreciated, both Gwen and the kids need at least a weekend to have fun, and to not have to worry about everything they have had to handle over the last months.

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