*Written January 26, 2020; Wayne’s second birthday in heaven.

He would’ve turned 49 today. And I would’ve been teasing, taunting and telling Wayne to enjoy this final year in his 40’s before becoming REALLY old.

And I know he would’ve enjoyed the next year — just like every year — because he was so great at loving life and savoring the moments.

Last week, I was on his laptop and stumbled upon a file folder entitled, “Family” (somehow I’d missed this in the past). In it, I found photos he’d moved off his phone a few years ago in order to free up space. What struck me were all the selfies. Now, he didn’t take selfies to post on social media in hopes of garnering a bunch of “likes.” Nope. He just took them for himself, to capture the moments and remember the experiences we had together.

I miss him so much.

I miss his big belly laughs, his huge smile, those piercing blue eyes, his arms around me and his hand in mine.

But most of all, I miss the way he loved us. How he lived to serve us and make every day count for something. And he was so great at simply snapping a pic as a reminder of the great life he was living.

Happy Birthday, Baby! We’re going to Asian Top for sushi where Brody will grab all the sashimi before anyone else… in your honor.

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