This morning as we sat in a little corner of Starbucks, most people who were coming and going would think we were just a group of soccer moms hanging out and catching up. Probably no one would’ve guessed we were there talking about the worst pain we’ve ever experienced. 

But then this thought came to me:

Every one of these people in here has endured and experienced some type of pain — yes, some greater than others. But we all are pushing through (or have pushed through) something difficult.

With that understanding and acknowledgment, we can offer greater compassion and empathy for others.

No, people don’t have labels over their heads explaining why they are being jerks, in a bad mood, or offering poor service. We don’t know what people are going through.

But what I do know is we have the power to love them, forgive them, encourage them or just smile and say “hi” because every extra day we have here on earth is an opportunity to glorify God and draw others to Him…regardless of our crappy, painful circumstances.

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