Brody and I went out to dinner on Friday night. We sat down in the two remaining chairs in the foyer of the restaurant and waited for our table. As a slew of people came in after us, I was excited to know we beat the rush. But it was after about five minutes when it finally dawned on me — two elderly women were STANDING, while my 11yo son was sitting! I was so mad at myself for not clueing in to this earlier and instantly had Brody get up and offer his seat.

Then the grief hit me.

Wayne wouldn’t have missed it. Within 10 seconds, he would’ve noticed the opportunity to not only serve those women, but to teach our boys a valuable lesson on kindness and chivalry.

Ugh. But not me.

Recently, I’ve felt such an overwhelming pressure to instill in my boys the values and characteristics they need to be godly men. Wayne was such a good teacher. I AM NOT. I often fail them in this area…which then makes me fear they’ll grow up lacking important “guy stuff” because they didn’t have a dad to influence them.

I know, I know, this is where you tell me many amazing men have been raised by single moms. I agree. But that doesn’t take away the heaviness I feel or silence the loud roar of the giant of Inadequacy.

I recently heard the song, “Unstoppable God,” by Sanctus Real. It slapped me in the face and helped me to hear the quiet whisper of God that says: “My help comes from the Lord and He’s not afraid of impossible odds!”

BOOM! I’m a #hopecarrier and #giantslayer! #FaceYourGiants

“I will not listen to the lie that says it can’t be done

I know my war is already won

And I’m claiming victory

Cause I know who’s fighting for me

Where does my help come from

Where does my help come from

My help comes from the Lord

Nothing can stop an unstoppable God

He’s not afraid of impossible odds

This is the promise that I’m standing on

Nothing can stop an unstoppable God”

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